Semper Findit! Toolkit

1. General Cataloging Guidelines:

  • Use the 6xx MARC tags along with other information in the record to determine the most appropriate Semper Find It! classification.
  • When the above tags indicate multiple classes, choose the one most relevant to the content.
  • When surname/forename appears on spine label use the name in the authorized access point in OCLC/LC name authority file (MARC 100)
    Generally do not include:
    Jr. or Sr.
    Titles (EX: Duke, Queen, Dr.)
  • Hyphenated names cutter to first five/eight before hyphen ‐‐ DO NOT INCLUDE HYPHEN or anything after it (EX: Morris‐Rankins, cutter as MORRIS)
  • Punctuation/Special Characters acceptable only as indicated for Spine Label Detail (EX: REP/AMPH) and in the Volume Statement (EX V.1), and Fiction Cutters (EX: C.)
  • “DATE” field optional in call/spine labels.

2. Call Number Creation: